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The American Oil & Gas Historical Society maintains a simple post as one way to help its membership share ideas, especially when seeking detailed information (AOGHS lacks the staff and resources).  Contact the society at if you would like your research question added. Are you an AOGHS member seeking historical information? Email to have your question(s) posted in the latest forum postings.

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Petroleum History Forum

2021–  Star Oil Company Sign

2020 – Cities Service Bowling Teams; Oilfield Storage Tanks; Historical Oil Prices; Painting related to Standard Oil (ESSO); Early Gasoline Pumps; Oilfield Jet Engines; Live elephant advertising, Skelly Oil; Natalie O. Warren Propane Tanker Memorabilia; Tree Stumps Oilfield Architecture…Find more research requests and comments in our Petroleum History Forum.

Thanks to its links to research sources and updated editorial content, this American Oil & Gas Historical Society website educates thousands of people about U.S. petroleum history. When contacted about petroleum-related family heirlooms, the society has helped locate suitable museum collections for preserving unique histories (see Oil Families for more information about adding family petroleum heritage to collections and contacting museum curators).

In addition, helpful financial research links and a popular Q&A forum about obsolete U.S. petroleum company stock certificates can be found here: Old Oil & Gas Stock Certificates and Is my Old Oil Stock worth Anything?


The American Oil & Gas Historical Society preserves U.S. petroleum history. Please become an AOGHS supporting member today and help maintain this energy education website, expand historical research, and extend public outreach. Interested in sharing a story or posting a research request? Contact  © 2021 Bruce A. Wells.


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